About Us

About Us

It takes a special kind of zeal to follow your vision and more courage to divert from a successful business to pursue a passion and bigger dream.

This journey begins in 2009 when Shabariraj returned after spending a year at Ozone Group projects in Bangalore and Chennai. Having studied Civil Engineering from the prestigious SRM University, Kattankulathur Chennai, His experience in Ozone Group’s Prestigious project Metrozone a mixed development project with mivan shuttering and sky scrapper designs made him realize that his passion lay in developing and executing challenging engineering projects. Later his association with his father and guru Shri. R Rajamanickam, who is a pioneer in contracting industry, have paved way for a strong foundation in State Government Projects and Legal systems in INDIA. He took the entrepreneurial plunge and started developing Projects for State government bodies, PWD, Private Villas and Mixed development sites and “Sathyams Properties”was formed in 2012.

Love for Food, Love for goodness, passion for all that is good and that is valuable. As a miniature abstract of “Shivam” which is the ultimate good. Gain Impex, an Import and Export Company was formed in 2013 that exports “Idhayam sesame oils”, imports artistic life style products in different categories and caters the unique set of people.

His passion and urge for hospitality business, love for human wellbeing and desire for beauty “Sundaram”. Inclination for meeting new people and involving himself in continual learning system helped him to associate with the SPA wellness industry. It is a love between strong engineering background, management systems and beauty industry in 2018.

We strongly believe in the ancient Indian trinity of Satyam-Shivam-Sundaram.

Satyam refers to the truth. It is the truth that is universal for everyone, with no bias towards any individual.

Shivam refers to the concept of virtue– all that is good, all that spreads happiness and all that is truly valuable. It is truth in action and in deed.

Sundaram refers to beauty- Things of beauty that appeal to the core of every human being. When one is aware of this, one views the world in totality and appreciates everything that life has to offer. We believe beauty is in detail, in every drop that makes the ocean.

Having all these values as our basis “Ektara Life Styles” Group of companies is formed

At Ektara Life Styles, our foundations and ways of working are influenced and guided by these three principles, enabling us to provide a holistic experience combined with superior expertise to our clients. The word “Ektara” is a single stringed musical instrument which was used by Naradhar to describe Lord Shiva with a single tone. Expression as 'Limitless' or 'With No End', which is exactly how we intend the scope and quality of our services to be.

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