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HSB - Head shoulder and back massage as the name implies is a dedicated massage to help reduce the stress and tension of the upper body .

The massage technique and pressure can be adapted to suit individual needs thereby offering you an exceptional personalised massage experience aimed at melting your pains away. Our therapists at Ektara are very receptive to your needs and are highly trained professionals. The number of clients coming back to us on a regular basis is a testament to our top quality service which also offers excellent value for money.

HSB massage is particularly good for people who spend a considerable amount of time working on computers or for those busy professionals on the move clocking a lot of miles. Get in touch today to book your appointment and to experience the incredible HSB massage!


Benefits of HSB

spaIncreased blood flow and circulation.

spaDecreased tension in the muscles.

spaIncreased endorphin levels- the "feel good" chemicals in the brain.

spaDecreases Low back pain.

spaRelieves sleeplessness, restlessness.

spaReduces eye strain.

spaHelps in sinusitis.

spaReduces Headache.